Làvàvnda Lip Balm
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Làvàvnda Lip Balm

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Our Làvànda Lip Balm promises long-lasting hydration and supple lips. Infused with nourishing ingredients like Petroleum Jelly, Vitamin E, and Beeswax, it creates a protective barrier to keep your lips moisturized for hours.


  • Apply a small amount of Làvànda Lip Balm to your lips as needed.

  • Gently spread the lip balm evenly to ensure complete coverage.

  • Reapply as needed to maintain hydration and softness throughout the day.

  • Keep the container cap tightly closed to maintain product freshness and effectiveness.

Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Oil, Lanolin Vitamin E Oil, Bees Wax, Pure Wax, Food Grade Colour and Natural Fragrance.

Quantity: 10g