Skin Candy’s Story:

SkinCandy is a brand inspired by the latest trends of personal care (Skin & Haircare) from Malaysia. Started by a young aspiring entrepreneur named Muhammad Anas Aziz. The story begins when I moved to Malaysia to pursue my studies in 2016. During my stay in Malaysia, I worked with many fashions and cosmetic brands in Malaysia. The growing industry of fashion and cosmetics and its latest trends in Malaysia inspired me a lot.

As a Pakistani, I realized that we are still way behind the amazing trends of personal care products. Moreover, I found that we are still missing the spark in our fashion & cosmetic industry. So, I decided to break that traditional thinking and fill the gap by bringing Malaysian personal care trends to Pakistan. However, I aimed to access the best skin & hair care solutions to the consumers in Pakistan.

Thus, I met the top vendors of cosmetics in Malaysia and got the pure ingredients formulas of skin and hair care products. Then I brought these formulas to Pakistan. As a result, I launched them in Pakistan with the brand name SkinCandy.

Skin Candy’s Mission:

We thoughtfully enhance your skin's natural glow and hair charm with personal care and self-love.

Skin Candy’s Core Values:

Self-righteous                             Candid

Endeavor                                    Amiable

Legendary                                  Rational

Finesse                                       Epitome